A downloadable game for Windows

(Available in English and Portuguese)

Game Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_9YOWUg7tg

The game's genre is 2D Action RPG, with a lot of metafiction usage (break of the forth wall), with a little humor, parodies and non-sense.

The history sets place in Baghdah, a country located in the extreme east of the continent. Gray is a beginner adventurer that decides to explore the entire world of Teharth. His first stop was in the Mysterious Ruins of Abyadh where he finds a legendary being called Azazil. This being has the power to dissolve the resources of the game, like fisical appearence, sounds and the mechanisms of the beings and objects of Teharth.

The player has the power to evolve the resources of the game back, helping Gray fullfil his goals and solve the puzzles. Because Gray can't do much without his resources and the player can't interact directly with the elements of Teharth. The player is participating in the game as a player entity and not as the protagonist.

WASD: Movement
K or Enter: Confirm
L or ESC: Cancel
- Full Controller Support
- Mouse it's not necessary


TeharthPrologueTRD_Setup.zip (31 MB)

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